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I am a company

This portal provides MOOCs that can help companies employees to reskill or upskill their competences in the frame of continue professionalization and lifelong learning.

I am a government entity

This portal is of interest for governmental as it helps in addressing skills gap and employment in Europe. It is of relevance for this stakeholder group the discussion on the recognising online learning courses as formal qualifications to motivate citizens to reskill and upskill.

I am a learner

On this portal learners can find courses that can help them acquire new skills and remain updated. This portal can help learners to become more competitive on the labour market.

I am a public employment service

This portal offers courses that are relevant for job seekers, these can be promoted among PES members.

I am a university

The MOOCs presented in this portal are designed by many prestigious universities in collaboration with other stakeholders, such as companies, sector organization, etc. Universities approaching to this portal could be interesting in developing MOOCs relevant for lifelong learners in need of continue upskill and reskill themself.

I am a sector organization

This portal provides MOOCs that enable the Upskilling/reskilling of professionals in your sector.